Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sleep like Jesus

Life is hard. 

Sometimes it's really hard. 

Sometimes it's shitty and sometimes it's beauty is utterly breathtaking. And those adjectives are what makes the story worth it. 

Right now, my story is a hurricane of completely shitty and breathtakingly beautiful. And it's so confusing. 
But it's worth it. It's worth the waves that I literally can't see over. 

Have you ever felt like that? Like there is SO much going on around you, and you do not see an end to this rain that just. hasnt. stopped. It's been so long since it's stopped...and all you need is land. You just need everything to stop moving and can't even see which way the land is, let alone how the heck you're going to get back to it. 

Get through the storm, friends. Get through it. Whatever you're in the midst of-get through it. Don't give up. When you don't know how to even begin to learn to swim in this type of storm-tuck yourself away in the breadth of God and get through it. 

Cling to Him and hold on for dear life in the midst of the storm, but know it will calm. It always calms.

There's this story where Jesus and his disciples were on a boat, and this crazy storm rolls in. The disciples are terrified thinking they are all about to drown. They look over and Jesus is just crashed out, sleeping in the corner. So they go over to him and are like "Umm helllo!? How are you sleeping? Look at these waves and all this crazy wind? We're about to be fish food and you're sleeping?!" And Jesus is like "good grief, ya pansies! Calm down." He turns back and basically yells "pipe down" to the storm and it immediately stops. No more wind. No more waves. No more fear.

I always thought the take away of that story was 1. Never wake a sleeping Jesus, and 2. The miracle that Jesus talked to the storm and it obeyed. 

Jesus had the power to stop the storm, and yes that is an absolutely amazing moment...but I'm thinking the bigger take away is His stillness in the storm. 

He slept. Jesus slept

He was able to rest totally and completely in the midst of the chaos because he trusted that God was in control. The storm didn't rattle him. He just slept.

The end of hurricane season doesn't always look like what we think it should. It's not often pretty and sometimes its a big mess- but rest in knowing God WILL rescue you. You can rest easy, friends.

And maybe try not to wake a sleeping Jesus...if you're ever in that situation, that is...